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Especially for hairloss, thinning hair, baldness, overpluck, brow, lash, hair, hairloss, fuzz, eyebrow, eyelash, thinning, nutrition, health, fitness, wellness, aen, ahn, ase, overplucking. Enchancing regrowth of eyebrows and lashes.
Our products are for regrowing brow, lashes, hairs naturally & healthily.

AEN EN-812, AHN HN-813, ASE AS-816, Advanced Eyebrow Nutrition, Advanced Hair Nutrition, Advanced Skin Essentials

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   AEN (EN-832) -
-- regrow brow & lashes
   AEN (EN~812) -
-- regrow brow & lashes
   AHN (HN~833) -
-- regrow new hairs
   ASE (AS~816) -
-- tender body tissue
   PE (PE~821) -
--Pancreas Energy
   LE (LE~822) -
--Liver Energy
   KE (KE~823) -
--Kidney Energy
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Our belief and commitment is ' to nourish human body cells to regrow healthily, and harness the body's extraordinary capacity for self-pair and re-invention ' ; since early 1990`s.

We have been introducing this unique nutritial achievement to local market since 1995. With many visual evidences for customers to witness, our nutrition treatments have very good reputation from clients & referrals locally.

With this philosophy, we notice that hair loss is one of the most common symptom which depresses many people in all ages worldwide. If their hair- loss can hardly be avoided, many of them will have less confidence to extend their social life unless they have a replacement. Our Vital Concern is how hairs can be vitalized to regrow naturally again, and not against the internal nature inside human body biologically.

Our hair nutritional treatment is the "Light at the end of Tunnel" for all the hair loss victims, and wish them have a happier life when having newly regrown hairs forever.

From 1999, we started to globally introduce our products online to U.S.A., Canada, East Asia, and Australia. Our company web-site is tailor-made for people to purchase our unique nutritional products online so as to solve their hair loss problem. Stepping into 2000s, the most popular American internet e-payment processing system--Secured Socket Layers(SSL), is established for online ordering to ensure clients' security. All the credit card information will be securedly encrypted during transmission, and have real-time verification to ensure an efficient data processing. SSL has been widely utilizing by the current leaders in online selling field of USA since 1993.

In the coming future, we will continue to introduce our unique nutritional products.



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